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Easy Longboard Tricks for Beginners: Brakes, Pumps, Slides, Pushes, Carving

Are you looking for longboard tricks? Then this article is for you.

When it comes to the topic of longboards, not only the boards but also the different driving styles can be perfected. In this article, the question is, what driving techniques or longboard tricks are there for the longboard and what should you look out for?

The different brake techniques on the longboard drive

If you need to try your hand at longboarding, you should also be concerned about the safety of your ride. In addition to appropriate protective clothing, the Bremstechnik is one of the most critical disciplines, in particular, to make longboarding a safe leisure pleasure. At the same time braking is also considered to be the most challenging technique and should be practiced well in a safe place before venturing into the open road.

The following braking techniques are possible:

  • Roll out
  • Jump off
  • Foot brakes
  • Windbreaker
  • Slides

Roll out

When rolling out, the board can only be rolled for a further time without the need to push the board again until the roller stops the roller. It's a right articulating brake.

Jump off

The jumping off is not necessarily one of the safest braking techniques since it can easily lead to falls or injuries and should therefore only be chosen as a braking technique if the driving speed is very low or there is no other option.

Foot Brakes

Most common is the foot brakes, where the skater stops the pace by stopping the rear or front foot and stops the board. The standing leg remains on the board, while the standing leg is angled and the weight is moved to the permanent side. The brake foot is placed first with the heel and then completely unrolled. To avoid injuries, the placement should be carried out as controlled as possible and the foot should not be placed hardly on the ground. To practice this technique, it is advisable to grind the brake foot slightly over the road in slow driving speed to get a feeling for the correct setting.


The wind braking is achieved by the upright positioning and stretching of the arms while driving. The resulting drag provides a slower pace and is, therefore, ideal to use at high speed.


The driving technique slides can also be used for braking and are considered to be the safest and most efficient method: the skater goes into the knees and places the board by shifting the body weight transversely to the direction of travel. If a driver puts his board across the road, it is a slide. Since the rollers have no or little ground adhesion, the longboard is very flexible, and therefore slides are suitable for braking, trickling and just fun. For the deep slide, the center of gravity is displaced by the support of the hand on the road. Therefore, it is imperative to wear solid gloves. If slides are mainly used as tricks, hard reels are recommended. Also, soft axes are required to provide the necessary flexibility

Advantages and disadvantages of these braking techniques


  • Windbreaks and rolling out are very simple
  • Jumping is suitable at low speeds
  • Thanks to foot brakes can be stopped quickly
  • Slides does require some exercise but is very safe and effective


  • Not every shoe is suitable for foot braking

An overview of the driving techniques of a longboard

As soon as you can break, you should familiarize yourself with the various possibilities to get on the right track.


When pushing, the pedestal is positioned in the direction of travel directly behind the front axle on the longboard, while the upper body is slightly tilted forward and the push being is used to make some pedal movements on the road to achieve the necessary start-up. Thereupon, both feet are placed on the board transversely to the direction of travel, and this is deflected via the front axle using a weight shift.


During pumping, the longboard is brought into motion solely by a slalom movement of the upper body and a uniform removal and loading of the board . Thus, the board can be moved without pushing. This requires a mobile longboard with a flexible front axle , as well as a good rhythm feeling and the necessary exercise. Experts of this riding style can look forward to a special discipline for pumping, the Longdistance pumps.


In carving , the speed of the board is controlled by driving many small turns or turns . In contrast to slide technology, the board remains on a line . The board is brought into the curve with a stretched body and caused by bending the knee . This driving style is particularly suitable on downhill tracks and is a pleasant alternative to high- speed driving . The technique can initially be practiced at a slow pace on a course with little gradient and then also be used on slower roads.

Driving Style




Downhill and Carving


Hardness of the rollers

Very soft


Soft to Hard


Very Hard

Type of substrate

Bad roads

Bumpy Streets

Bumpy and good roads

Good roads and paths

Smooth streets Skateparks

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