How to clean cloth car seats with household products

The thorough cleaning of the car seats is part of the obligatory carpet installation, especially once stains have formed on the seat covers. The maximum dirtiness of the car seats, by the way, demand for particularly strong chemical cleaners or even after a professional cleaning in a unique company. Continuous maintenance, on the other hand, saves time and money. Today we explain how to remove textile and leather covers in the car from stains.

Clean fabric seat covers

For the cleaning of textile seat covers is required

  • A bucket of warm water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • a cleaning sponge or a microfiber cloth
  • a hair dryer
  1. First, add some rinse aid to the warm water and stir thoroughly once. Then wipe the rag or sponge properly. The seat covers should not be moistened.
  2. The seat covers are carefully rubbed off with a microfiber cloth or cleaning sponge; stains will be treated more thoroughly. The reference material is not soaked, rubbing towards the textile structure.
  3. Intensively processed areas are overused to avoid mold formation.

Tips for the cleaning of car seats with textile cover

  • Stains of fruit, chocolate or ice can be removed well with vinegar water.
  • Chewing gum residues are hardened with ice-spray and then only removed.
  • Grease stains are best removed quickly, the use of absorbent cloths has proved successful, and then conventional washer cleaners can be utilized. All fat-soluble household cleaners help in the thorough removal of the greasy spots. Shaving Foam cleans bright fabrics, glass cleaners or even a 1: 1 mixture of food salt and detergent powder to remove various stains well. Lint roller, adhesive tape, microfiber gloves or special brushes remove animal hair.

Cleaning leather seat covers
In addition to textile seat covers, the high-quality leather interior is cleaned from time to time and maintained continuously. High-quality leather care products are used, never water.

  1. Clean the cleaner with a sponge, clean the seats with circular movements.
  2. Squeeze the sponge thoroughly and remove the foam as well as the cleaning residue.
  3. Thoroughly ventilate the vehicle to dry the leather completely.

Tips for cleaning car seats with leather cover

  • Care is necessary
    After the cleaning, a cleaning agent should always be applied. The product is completely absorbed. It maintains and protects the leather covers.
  • Impregnation Impregnation is
    Very important. It prevents new stains and makes the stain removal lasting. Even more economical use is made of detergents and cleaning agents for perforated coveralls. Rauleder is treated with unique products.
  • Water stains & water rims
    Water stains should be dried quickly. Drying clothes and heat (heating or summer sun) are suitable for this purpose. Against water edges and spots on leather seats helps rub with milk or with a half lemon.
  • Baby lotion as a substitute for polish
    thinning Bodylotion replaces expensive polishes (Warning! Before testing in a non-visible place!)
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