Bike buying guide 2017

The offer of different bicycle types is great. To find the right bike, you should first be aware of what you want to use. Are you looking for a bicycle for city traffic? Or are you looking for a bike that you want to use for sporting ambitions? Would you like to travel on short or long journeys? And then, of course, there is the question of the underground: Do you like to go on asphalt or rather on forest paths and streamlined single trails? Here we give you a decision-making aid for your bicycle purchase.

Then there is more info here, which will surely help you …
type of bikeHybrid BikeCity Bikemountain bikeBalance bikeRoad Bike
  • Day tours
  • Cycle Tours
  • city
  • Light terrain
  • city
  • Short Track
  • Day tours
  • Sports / Fitness
  • Offroad
  • Cross country and marathon race
  • Day tours
  • Sports / Fitness
  • Multitalented: for fixed and unpaved paths
  • Day tours
  • Sports/ Fitness
  • asphalt
  • road cycling
  • Long wheel exits
  • StVZO Equipment
  • Reception for travel luggage
  • Hub with withdrawal but also without
  • some models with a suspension fork
  • usually with insensitive hub switching
  • Chain connection also possible
  • StVZO Equipment
  • Hub with withdrawal or without
  • With and without suspension possible
  • Usually with insensitive hub switching
  • Chain connection also possible
  • No StVZO equipment
  • Wide tires
  • Wheel size: mostly 27.5 and 29 inches
  • With a front suspension fork (hardtail)
  • With a suspension fork at the front and a rear shock (Fully)
  • IDR with chain connection
  • No StVZO equipment
  • Wheel size: 28 inches
  • usually without luggage rack and fenders
  • Some models with suspension fork
  • IDR with chain connection
  • No StVZO equipment
  • Light, narrow wheels
  • Wheel size: 28 inches
  • Narrow tires (23 or 25 mm)
  • Lightweight components
  • Curved handlebar
  • Rigid fork, no suspension
seating positiontemperate / comfortablecomfortable / uprighttemperate / sportytemperate / sportyathletic / aerodynamic.


10 Best Bike for the money

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Comparison of similar bike types

The unique features and application areas of the different bikes you have now got to know. If you still could not make a decision, we would like to give you another decision-making aid and compare two related types of bike with their advantages and disadvantages.

Mountain bike or balance bike

With this table we would like to show you the essential pros and cons of mountain biking and cross bike at a glance:

type of bikeadvantagesdisadvantage
mountain bike+ also suitable for the difficult terrain
+ good suspension systems
+ good braking systems
– not suitable for longer comfortable tours
– no equipment according to StVZO
– higher rolling resistance
Crossbike+ Allrounder
+ also suitable for leisurely longer trips
+ partly with equipment according to StVZO
+ lower rolling resistance
– not suitable for difficult terrain
– partly missing the suspension
– weaker brake systems

In summary, if you are often in the woods and on unpaved terrain, you can not go wrong with a mountain bike. Wide tires and good suspension and braking systems ensure a safe driving experience, even in difficult conditions. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an all-rounder that offers you sporting comfort on short and long-distance routes, you’re at the right place at the Cross bike. When buying a cross bike, you should also ensure that it meets your personal needs perfectly: Cross bikes with wider tires and a mountain bike suspension allow you, for example, to use the wheel in the (light) terrain.

Mountain bike or hybrid bike

By this table we would like to show you the essential advantages and disadvantages of mountain biking and trekking bikes at a glance:

type of bikeadvantagesdisadvantage
mountain bike+ “Wheel for the terrain.”
+ low weight
(approx. 11-14 kg)
+ greater driving pleasure
+ higher speeds possible
+ visually appealing
– bent seat position
– poor luggage reception
– increased maintenance and maintenance costs
– not compliant with the StVZO regulations
touring bike+ “Cycling for everyday life.”
+ upright seating position
+ comfortable cycling
+ optimal luggage storage
+ lower maintenance and maintenance requirements
+ StVZO-compliant
– medium to high weight (approx. 16-19 kg)
– moderate to medium speeds possible
– visually less appealing

In summary, it can be said that both types of a bicycle have specific advantages and disadvantages. While the trekking bike is an all-rounder even for longer distances, the mountain bike is suitable for fast touring in the country, where the driving pleasure is the main focus. When buying, therefore, the decision should always include the application, but also the areas of technology, comfort, and optics.

My google analytics says, a lot of my blog readers are women cyclists and they love hybrid bikes too. My friends Sophie Elise posted an excellent article on hybrid bikes for women where he has featured top 6 hybrid bike you can use on both off road and on road traveling, don’t miss it!

Road bike or balance bike

Based on this table, we would like to show you the essential advantages and disadvantages of racing bike and cyclocross at a glance:

type of bikeadvantagesdisadvantage
racer+ lower weight due to lighter construction
+ higher speeds possible
– Use only on fixed roads
– Inferior handling characteristics in wet or smoothness
– Parts such as fenders are usually more difficult to install
Cyclocross+ can be used more universally (also in the field)
+ in wet or smoother conditions with better handling characteristics
+ parts such as fenders are usually easier to install
– higher weight due to more robust construction
– lower speed

In summary, if you are looking for the ultimate bike that can achieve the highest speeds and can be used in bike races, the road bike is the right decision. If you are looking for a bike that you can use quickly and with a more robust design, and because of its all-around qualities, a cyclocross could be ideal for you.


Which bike is the right one for bicycle tours?

Whether it is a trekking or travel bike, road bike, mountain bike, city bike or e-bike – every type of bicycle has unique features and advantages. While the classic Stadtrad is more suitable for short trips, a travel and a trekking bike is the right choice for cyclists who often travel long distances. Can also be used for longer tours: road bike and MTB. However, luggage bags cannot be fitted here, which makes them suitable for multi-day trips only – wearing a backpack. Also, e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular.

Here we would like to pay attention to the travel-and trekking bikes.  What can be the proven multi-day touring bikes and how should they be equipped?

Reiserad: What characterizes this type of bicycle?

A Reiserad is designed to travel long distances and specially adapted to the needs of cyclists. Moreover, they are suitable for higher loads due to a larger wall thickness of the frame tubes as well as processing of more stable materials and have a different frame geometry. The frames of the travel bikes have a longer rear body than other standard bicycles and a stronger fork forward. This extends the distance between the rear and front wheel (wheelbase) and you gain more space for pack pockets. Also, do not push your heels to the luggage, which has a positive effect on the running.
Even a fully packed Reiserad is safe and easy to control. However, these wheels lack the agility in the wilderness of the city – the fact that you should keep with a new acquisition in the back head.


Advice and tips

So that your cycling tour will run without annoying incidents and to the full enjoyment, we give you some advice and tips.

Correct seating position

The back and neck aches or hands and feet become numb? The classic seat complaints often prevent the fun of cycling and can have health consequences. Therefore, it is essential to take time to find the right seating position.

We at Fahrrad XXL recommend a forwardly tilted seat position for the classic touring bike. In this way, the spine can perform its function in the natural double S-shape: loads which act on the upper body to intercept and cushion. Two factors are decisive: the seat height and the frame length. For this, your upper body should be inclined by 15 to 20 degrees and the arm, upper arm and torso should form a right angle. Your sitting position is wrong when the back is rounded, and the basin tilts backward. Your saddle should be adjusted so that you can only touch the ground with your toes. To adjust the saddle height, just place the heel on the pedals and set the saddle up as far as the knee is stretched. During the ride, the knee is slightly flexed.

Bicycle check in advance – what check?

Tire stresses are not predictable and can occur at any time. Despite all this, you should thoroughly check your bike before each longer bike ride. Just in the spring, after the bike has not been used for several months, a bicycle spring check is essential.

  1. Clean your bike. In this way, you will be able to identify the possible defects.
  2. Grease all moving parts and oil the chain to keep it smoother and protect from rust.
  3. Check all screw connections and tighten them if necessary. Use a torque wrench for lightweight and carbon parts.
  4. Check the brakes. If the grooves on the rubber are no longer visible, then absolutely replace with new linings.
  5. Check the circuit. If you turn the small tension screw clockwise, the gear moves to the smaller pinion, and vice versa.
  6. Check the lighting system. Charge the battery before using it for the first time or check whether the dynamo is working.
  7. Re-install the tire and follow the recommended air pressure values printed on the tire edge.

Of course, you can also make your bike check in one of our Bike XXL stores. Just come by on your wish list, and we will check your bike professionally. Also, we have the right spare parts such as brake pads, new tires and hoses and much more for you on site.


What should I take on a bicycle tour?

The correct equipment depends on the length of your planned tour. For a cozy day trip, a small backpack with the necessary equipment such as food, replacement hose and tire lifter, multitool and smartphone is completely sufficient.

Bicycle tour with luggage transport

For longer trips, however, you should plan for a change of clothes, hygiene supplies and bicycle accessories like a bicycle hose a little more space. For this reason, we recommend a combination of several practical bicycle bags on the rear luggage carrier and the front wheel for multi-day trips. Frequently luggage bags are made of flexible plastic or from a truck tarpaulin and are equipped with a roller shutter. So you can vary the pack volume as required. A simple click system facilitates the assembly and removal to the luggage carrier bars. Since weight savings is the key to a multi-day bicycle tour, only the most essential, but everything necessary, should be carried along. Here we give an overview, which is essential in the luggage bag (s):

  • Boxers / briefs
  • socks
  • 1 T-Shirt
  • 1 changeover
  • Leg Warmers
  • Arm
  • slicker
  • Short rain pants
  • Fleece sweater
  • (light) outdoor pants
  • Cap
  • replacement brake pads
  • Two spare spokes
  • Two replacement hoses
  • Mini tool
  • Two chain rivets
  • chain oil
  • air pump
  • repair kit
  • duct tape
  • cable ties
  • Two shift and brake cables
  • Four luggage bags
  • Two drinking bottles
  • headlamp
  • small tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Credit card, cash, EC-card
  • Maps, directions, GPS clock
  • Smartphone
  • digital camera
  • lock
  • First aid kit
  • handkerchiefs
  • shower gel
  • toothbrush
  • Mini Toothpaste
  • Outdoor art fiber towel
  • suncream
  • Individual daytime catering
  • Granola/energy bars
  • energy gels

Bicycle tour with children – what to consider?

Anyone who wants to bring children or extra baggage has the opportunity to hang a trailer on the bike. The different models differ in the handling, the seat comfort and the equipment as well as the extras. Also an increasingly popular option: chauffering with a load wheel.

Bicycle trailers

What are the benefits of transport with a bicycle trailer?

Most bicycle trailers are available as single and two-seater and offer the following advantages:

  • The children are protected from the weather.
  • A trailer allows longer trips, easy terrain (as soon as the children can sit on their own) and shopping.
  • Often a trailer can be converted to a jogger or a replacement buggy by a few handgrips. From maneuvering and rolling it is usually not quite as comfortable as a real stroller, but as a replacement very well suited. The front wheel for it is either already present, then it folds down, or you can buy it.
  • There is also a versatile accessory program from the coffee cup holder over a rain cover to the frame for standard car seats for babies.

What do I have to observe when transporting the bike trailer?

What to look for before purchasing?
  • For the clutch to fit both parents’ bicycles, it is better to take both wheels with you to purchase the bicycle trailer.
  • Before buying, parents should try how to use belts and swaying sails.
What does the StVZO prescribe?
  • In order not to jeopardize other road users, the height of the trailer shall be four, the length twelve and the width 2.55 meters maximum. (These values apply to trailers of all motor vehicles, and since bicycle trailers do not have their regulations in the StVZO, the car regulation applies to them in purely legal terms.)
  • To minimize safety risks, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building, and Housing provides the “Notice for the transport of trailers behind bicycles.” It is recommended to limit the height of the trailer to 1.4, the length to two (for special trailers to transport sports equipment four meters in length) and the width of one meter.
  • The permissible total mass for unbraked trailers is 40 kg, for braked trailers 80 kg.
  • According to StVZO, only children aged 16 years or older are allowed to transport children up to the age of seven years – only in trailers intended for children (two children) or in children’s places. The limitation to the completed seventh year of life does not apply to the transport of a handicapped child.
What should you look for when driving?
  • As long as children can not sit alone, parents should use a couch or baby carrier and only ride on vibration-free tracks. Unevenness, equally effective, weight-adjustable suspension, and equally wide, not over-inflated tires.

cargo bike

Nowadays, however, more and more parents are now transporting their children with a bicycle. But how safe is the transport of children on a loaded bicycle? What should you pay attention to before purchase and are there any other traffic rules for bikes than for normal bicycles?

What are the benefits of transport with a load bicycle?

  • The children are protected from the weather.
  • A load wheel has safety advantages compared to a normal bicycle, as its large and wide construction gives it more attention in road traffic and is less easily overlooked by other road users.
  • In the different load-wheel models, the children usually sit comfortably in a large transport box on a bench or in a fixed child seat. How the child is protected while driving is not just a matter of safety, but also a matter of comfort.
  • Most load wheels have attachments for a Maxi-Cosi, even with Isofix mount.
  • Practicality: Bikes can ride on cycle paths like all other bicycles. Also, they can be parked along the street with appropriate lighting.

What do I have to observe when transporting with a road wheel?

  • The choice of the right load wheel should be made dependent on the intended use. How many children are to be transported? Should shopping be carried along? Would you like to be supported electronically?
  • Which model should it be? Two-wheeled bicycles are faster and lighter, so you can easily drive past cars and stay stable in turns. Three-wheeled load wheels usually offer more storage space and are tilt-proof in standing and at low speeds – for this reason, they are somewhat slower overall.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the load wheel is equipped with (padded) children and rain protection, as well as with spring-loaded baby carrier supports (transport of small children).
  • Also, the load wheel should have a head restraint so that if the child should fall asleep while driving, the head does not tip to the side.
  • The load wheel should always be secured with a high-quality lock.

Bicycle online shopping: advantages and disadvantages of cycling online shops

Anyone who thinks to buy their bike online has both advantages and disadvantages against the “real,” offline, business:

The advantages of buying a bicycle online

  • As a rule, you have a larger selection at the online bike shop. From cross-bikes or e-bikes to children’s bikes to mountain bikes, racing bikes or trekking bikes there is everything, and often also in all kinds of (frame) sizes.
  • You can look around calmly. If, for example, you only have a short time to visit the real bike shop on Saturday and then the shop is packed full: there are no full shops; the virtual bike shops are always at your disposal.
  • The prices should be regularly lower than at your bike shop “around the corner.” You can compare all the prices and find the best deal.
  • The transport is not necessary because your bike is placed in front of the householder. You do not have to change your small or sports car for transport.

The disadvantages of “buy bikes online.”

  • Personal advice is far less pronounced. You should already know beforehand which bike is at all possible. There are online bike shops but also good guides for this.
  • A test drive is not possible (if it would be possible in the real bike store during the overload on Saturday). However, in the case of absolute failure, the 14-day (or lengthened at some bike shops) return period/revocation period.
  • A problem with the “final assembly” could arise for technically untalented: the wheels are delivered by the online shops usually so that pedals and handlebars still have to be attached. The tool is usually included. But if you can not use a wrench, then you have to try the nice bike specialist from the store. According to our experience, this is also taken over there, since future customers are better than none.


Anyone who knows about the bike that is suitable for him or who has a little manual skill (or friends who have it) would like to be able to choose the most inexpensive and best bike for him.


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