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Best drill press for the money Review with Buying Guide 2017

In the search for the optimum drill press, one is spoiled for choice. Because there are a lot of good and also bad drills on the market. To ensure that you do not make any mistakes and find the best drill press for you and your needs in this article.

Best Drill Press Review:

  1. WEN 4208 Drill Press 

The WEN 4208 Drill Press is compact in design, but it is still a much better bet than struggling with a hand-held drill. The 8-inch swing over bed will provide a wide variety of things, and its five speeds offer you the flexibility to be able to match bit size to the material being drilled with a fair amount of accuracy. Spindle travel is 2 inches, and it is made by a 1/3 horsepower induction motor, so it is relatively quiet. The worktable is 6 1/2 inches squared, and it tilts 45 degrees to the right or left.


  • Variable speed of 740, 1,100, 2,100, 3,140 RPM allows you to work with a broad range of materials.
  • Perfect price
  • The base in metal made. So it’s durable.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Table can be turned to both the left and the right
  • Flexible height
  • The stable motor quality


  • The vibration of the machine may not be comfortable to you

  1. Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

The Delta 18-900L Drill Press is one of the big, massive machines. It weighs just over 260 pounds, so you will certainly need help putting it together, and you will not want to move it very often. The benefit of all this is the stability you need in a professional tool. It has got cast iron where it should, and a quick glance at the diameter of the central column is a testament to its structural rigidity. Comment is like “superior woodworker’s drill press,” and “reliable and well designed,” are proof of the comfort felt by many owners.


  • Operates quietly
  • Improved level of accuracy
  • Fully adjustable with twin laser
  • Automatic tension belt driving system
  • You can choose 16 possible speeds
  • Reasonable price
  • More Durable
  • More Rigid
  • 120-Volt capacity


  • Under light, the laser light may not addressable

  1. JET 354165 Bench Drill Press 

The JET 354165 JDP-15M Drill Press is extremely rigid, and when put together correctly it packs plenty of power, smooth delivery, and little run-out of the chuck. As with all bench-top drill presses, having it mounted on a level and stable surface is critical because any vibration will transfer and be expanded. More weight helps to dampen this out, which is why heavier-duty drills like the JET are more popular with professionals.


  • Variety of speed choices
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to assemble
  • User-friendly machine
  • Runs quieter than other drills
  • Nicely sized work table
  • Unbelievable accuracy
  • Stabile and Durable


  • Quite heavy and tall

  1. SKIL 3320-01Drill Press

The SKIL 3320-01 Drill Press is a great and powerful tool not only for professionals in the construction but also to normal individuals wanting to perform their projects at home. It is designed to produce holes not only in wood but also in other types of materials. It could do this function well, and it could give medium to heavy duty usage any time you want.


  • 5-speed choices
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Affordable price
  • Durable construction
  • It has laser for accuracy
  • The table can be turned both the right and to the left.
  • The Table and metal base offer excellent stability


The changing of the speed is quite hard so you can use grease and it will be smooth.

  1. Shop Fox W1668 3/4-HP Bench-Top Drill Press

M many people consider the Shop Fox W1668 because of its many characteristics. It has an oscillating sander. This gives it the possibility for anyone to perform sanding operations. The tool can be turned from drill presses to a sander by moving out the worktable and employing the station for sanding.


  • Perfect for heavier use
  • Smooth sander for work
  • Easy to convert the drill press into a sander machine
  • Powerful machine
  • Heavy duty chuck
  • Large table for steady work
  • Durable


  • Not easy to assemble for the amateur. So follow the instruction manual properly, and it will be easy


Buying Guide

What is a drill press?

The drill press has many names. In this way, you will find similar products and equipment when looking for stand drill presses, floor drill presses, and column drill presses, since they are the same machines. Only their size differs somewhat.

They are fixed drilling machines consisting of a foot, a stand, a drilling spindle and a lever for lowering. The basic structure of drill press, stator drilling machine, drill press and column drilling machine are the same. Only in a few subtleties are there some differences, which however do not matter in the homework.

A table drill press is a single-spindle vertical drill press, which is fixedly mounted on work tables. A drill press is usually suitable for small to medium work pieces. The column drilling machines and stator drilling machines then start in this area. You can also manufacture heavy components. Unlike the bench drilling machines, column and stand drill presses have an enormous stand, which has its substructure, which stands on the floor. The work table can then be set individually via a spindle.

Since in the home improvement industry the terms stand-up drilling machine, stand drill press and column drilling machine are regarded as synonymous to the drill press, we also use it in our table-top drilling machine comparison column drilling test.

The advantages and disadvantages of a bench drilling machine at a glance


  • Accurate drilling of holes in aluminum, stainless steel, steel and wood
  • No slipping on metal
  • Easy assembly of the drill
  • Work relief when drilling holes
  • Easy to use,
  • With suitable drilling kits universally applicable
  • Long lifetime
  • High processing quality
  • Attractive price-performance ratio



  • Needs a lot of space
  • Partly very expensive


Buying criteria for drill press: You must take care of this

It is relatively difficult to find a drill press or the best bench drill press for its purpose between a Bosch drill press and an Einhell stand drill press. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a little purchase consultation in our stand drill press comparison, which allows you to find the best table drill press for your purposes.

  1. Power and idle speed

In the case of power tools, the rated input power, and idle speed always play a major role. The power specifies how much current the engine can take. With a most drill press, the speed can be adjusted continuously. If a drilling machine can be adjusted infinitely variable speed, it can be adapted individually to the respective material. The drilling performance then corresponds to your project.

In this range, 350 to 700 watts are standard. For model work, drill press from Proxxon with 200 to 230 watts is sufficient. If you are a DIY, you should be more likely to use models with 350 to 400 watts. Such models are affordable and adequate for simple tasks. A table top drill with 750 watts is rather something for real professionals.

  1. Drilling stroke and drilling strength

The drilling stroke specifies how far a precision table drill press can be moved down from the column drilling machine comparison. Whether it is an Einhell floor drill press, a Bosch bench drill press machine, the drilling stroke varied between 150 and 160 mm. For this reason, only the drill thicknesses of 50 – 60 mm differed. This criterion is thus negligible in the stator-drill machine comparison.

  1. Chuck capacity

You should pay more attention to the drill chucking range when comparing the table top. It varies between 10 and 16 mm for Bosch floor drill presses and Optimum table drill presses. The larger the drill chuck distance, the more important drills can be picked up, and the larger holes can be drilled. A table drill with a 16 mm span should be sufficient for all tasks.

  1. Drilling

The table is surely the centerpiece of every machine from the stand drill press comparison. Most models have a work table of 20 x 20 cm. Only the Bosch floor standing machines have a slightly larger foot. The machining of small to medium-sized work pieces was possible for all models from the column drilling machine comparison.

  1. Drill press accessories

The accessories of a bench drill press can be relatively extensive. Although a drill chuck has all the machines from the stand drill press comparison, a keyless chuck that can be unscrewed without drill chuck has only a few models. However, if you need to change the drill chuck, a keyless chuck is more expensive. However, this should not occur with good care and use.

A laser has some models installed to help you know where you are drilling. However, it has been shown in practice that the laser does not always function correctly.

A machine vice (as is also used in milling machines) is sometimes required for use. In these, smaller parts can be clamped. None of the manufacturers provide such a set in the set, so you should check with our vise whether you find something adequate.

Tips for the product maintenance of drill presses

It will help you with smaller and actual drilling work. There are chips and dust that can be caused not only by your clothing and workplaces but also by the device it. With proper care, you can use the machine for a long time. Therefore, please follow the care instructions of your model and do not neglect the cleaning as well as before each use.

In the following, you will find out which basic tips you should consider in addition to those that the manufacturer specifically describes for your model:

  1. Do not overload your drill press;
  2. Always use the tool provided for your machine and its work;
  3. Check all moving parts before starting work;
  4. If parts are pinched or damaged, have them professionally repaired;
  5. Disconnect the power supply completely (depending on the model this means pulling the plug or removing the battery), if you want to make settings on the device, exchange parts or terminate the work;
  6. Always adjust the speed at the drill diameter and the material so that the drill head does not get caught in the work piece;
  7. Keep the table drill press and, above all, its ventilation slots clean;
  8. Regularly clean the drill column with a dry, soft cloth;
  9. If necessary, spray the drill column with universal cutting oil;
  10. Keep the handles free of oil, grease and dirt to guarantee a secure hold without risk of slipping.

It is important to note once again that you should inspect the equipment by a qualified technician and repair if necessary if you notice damage to the appliance or problems with the use; For example, if the device should not be switched on or off. A professional can usually prevent worse and prevent you from damaging the device unnecessarily or injuring yourself.

You should also keep the drill table organized and clean. When drilling wood and metal, chips and metal chips can accumulate, this can lead to consequential damage if you have not been remedied accordingly. Drilling generates heat, and it can happen that light metal is ignited or even exploded, especially when it is light metal. This advice should be taken very seriously, even if you are not a novice in the field of hand- and homework and are well versed in table-top drilling machines.

Lastly, it should be pointed out that children or adults, who are not familiar with the handling of table-top drilling machines, should not have free access to your device. This is the only way to avoid possible serious accidents. If you follow the instructions and tips for the maintenance and handling of your drill press, you will enjoy the equipment and the work done with the bench drill press for a long time.

Tips for safe handling of table and standard drill presses

Unfortunately, it is always the case that people are injured in dealing with machines or tools. You can avoid most injuries if you pay attention to our following six tips at work.

  1. Wear close-fitting clothing:

Probably the most common mistake when using equipment, machines or tools is wearing too much clothing. Also when working with a table drill press, you should stick to this tip. For within a few fractions of a second, it may happen that the sleeve wraps around the drill and the arm or hand is severely injured. Therefore it is best to wear only short-sleeved clothes when dealing with floor drill presses.

  1. Never use gloves:

Unfortunately, it is precisely the self-employed who think that wearing gloves will save them from injuries. This is in principle synonymous since you cannot chip in the hand or cut on a sharp-edged metal block. However, it is very common for one of the two gloves to wrap around the rotating drill, causing the fingers and hands to get injured. Not infrequently there are serious injuries where even the arm is affected.

  1. Put on protective goggles:

Quickly it has happened, and a hot metal chip gets into the eyes and causes severe burns or inflammation. You can easily prevent this. You only have to wear protective goggles when working with a floor drill. In the simplest case, this can even be a ski goggle. The main thing, the chips do not make it into the eyes.

  1. Use ear protection:

Most DIY enthusiasts rarely use Even ear protection. Although it is our ears, the important sense organ in human communication, we protect our ears almost never. It is easy to get hurt when working with a table drill press. Likewise, you can destroy your hearing more and more over the years, until you finally need a hearing aid. Therefore, we can always advise everyone to put on a hearing protection.

  1. Never touch chips:

So that you do not get cuts & Co. on your hands, you should not wear gloves when removing the chips, but merely use a brush. Although gloves protect us from shavings, we have learned at Tip 2 how fast a glove wraps around the rotating drill. Therefore: Use a brush!

  1. Insert the stop

To ensure that a work piece is not easily detached during drilling, it should be fixed using a stop. Anyone who does without it must always remember that it takes only a few fractions of a single second until a work piece becomes a life-threatening projectile. For this reason, you should always use a stop.

History of the drill press

For more than 60 years electrical appliances have been used in professional joinery to carry out horizontal drilling with the utmost precision. Already shortly after the dark events of the Second World War came drills, this simplified the work with the wood. The history of the machines, however, goes back to an ancient technique, which was already developed by the first specimens of Homo sapiens.

The technique of drilling has already been developed in the Stone Age. At that time mussels and animal teeth were pierced. Thus the materials could be connected with a cord. The chains worn by the people of that time were also used in the coming millennium. From the Middle Stone Age, which began in 9,600 BC, further pieces of jewelry are produced by drilling.

The invention of the drill

Later societies of the ancient world developed first drilling machines, which were used for the processing of wood and other materials. However, the inventors did not invent the first drilling machines made of metallic materials until the 11th century AD. At that time, for example, drilling rigs and racing spindles were used, which were used by woodworkers and artisans.

In 1774, John Wilkinson, who came from England, invented the first machine for boring. The apparatus, which was fixed in a fixed manner similar to the table-top drill presses, was now made of a cannon. However, the first working drills of modernity were also used for civilian purposes. In some manufactures, the devices were used to produce steam cylinders.

The origin of electric drilling rigs

The constant advancement of technology revolutionized drilling. Finally, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, various machines were built, mainly used in factories. Thus James Whitworth and August Haman produced stator and radial drilling machines between 1824 and 1850, which was developed in the coming decades. The look of the machines at that time is reminiscent of the appearance of table drill presses, which were later developed.

By the discovery and development of the electricity, the machines changed significantly to the beginning 20. Century. They were now equipped with an electric drive, which set the drill in motion. In 1895 the German inventor Wilhelm Fein developed a massive hand drilling machine. It was the prototype of the smaller electric drill rigs produced by companies such as Bosch or AEG in the coming decades.

The development of the drill press

There are numerous drilling rigs were built in the coming years. At the production site in new York, for example, the four-speed DS 75 drilling machine was presented in 1935, and its performance could be adjusted. Two decades later it was time. At that time, the manufacturer AEG launched a new device which would facilitate the work in countless carpentry workshops.

In 1955, the company presented a brand new invention, followed by numerous successors. At that time, AEG introduced a new type of drill press, which made the work easier. The unit weighed a hundred kilograms. The integrated motor, which set the drill through a V-belt, produced a power of 500 watts.

Necessary accessories:

There are accessories for most electric machine tools. We also have a range of accessories available for a drilling machine.

Replacement drill bits

Precision drill bits are required for every application. In general, we have to distinguish between the

  • Masonry drill bits,
  • Metal drills and
  • Wood drills.

Commercially in this respect complete sets of drills with different diameters available. In general, we should be able to secure a sufficient assortment of drilling drills. A drill can be quickly damaged by a demanding drill bit.

From our experience, we would like to point out to buy only high-quality drills. In particular, the cheap offers from the hardware store, which are offered for a few Dollars, do not keep their promise. These are dull or even bent after a short time.

Storage box

Not every manufacturer delivers its drilling machines automatically with a plastic or metal box. But offer these storage boxes a reliable protection during transport and are also well suited, even one or two accessories to store.

If such a box or bag is not included in the delivery, it would be worth considering whether the purchase is worthwhile. It is interesting that many of our comparison test-makers are already offered with such a storage option. In a high quality is drilling not only in the transport protected but with their necessary accessories at any time at hand.

The drill

A drill core is a special drilling set, which allows us to drill large holes for sockets in wood or stone walls. Inwood processing, us often speak of a whole saw.

In this case, a locking screw is located on a conventional drill, on which we can insert a plate for differently sized hole saws. For stone walls, there are fixed bits, in addition to the central drills having a diamond-studded edge.

In this way, we can cut or drill openings in various sizes into many subsoils. Besides the known recesses in the walls for electrical outlets and light switches, are hole saws used in the living room furniture? Thus we can realize the corresponding holes for the invisible cabling of the TV or the stereo system on the back of an existing wall.

Questions and answers about the topic of drill presses

In our bench drilling machine comparison, we would like to briefly explain the most important questions for hurried users.

  1. How does a drill work?

A drilling machine consists of a drill chuck, an electric motor, a gear box and various switches. The 230 V mains voltages cause the motor to move. The gearbox is designed to limit the performance of the engine so that the drill, which is in the drill chuck and is driven by the motor, does not rotate too fast. The shape of the drill allows it to slowly enter the material and carry the excess dust and dirt outwards. Although the table-top drilling machine design is different, its operation is hardly distinct from a conventional drill from a home improvement workshop.

2.       Who invented the table drill press?

AEG developed the first bench drilling machine in 1955. The structure of the drill stands hardly differed from today’s models. The engine powered the drilling spindle via a V-belt, and manual speed control changed the speed. The V-belt had to be transferred manually; there was no electronic speed regulation. 500-watt drive power and a drill diameter of 13 mm one could drill good holes.

3.       What should safety rules be observed when handling the table drill press?

Whether you are looking for a used drill press or a mini-table drill press, you may wonder what you have to deal with. Above all, students who have to take a drilling machine driving license are tormented by this question. Here are a few rules for use:

  • No long objects, chains or scarves may be worn.
  • Do not wear gloves when working on rotating machines.
  • First, the machine must be examined for errors.
  • The drill must be properly clamped.
  • Protective goggles should be worn.
  • A safety distance to the drill chuck within a radius of 1.5 meters should be observed.
  • The speed should be adapted to the diameter of the drill. Most machines have a speed list on the device.

4.      How much watt is needed for a drill press?

If you are looking to buy a bench drill press or buy a cheap drill press, you should pay attention to the quality of the artistry and the function of the mini drill. Also, the performance plays a significant role in all machines (e.g., an interrupt or a free column drilling machine). The Aldi table-top drilling machine may be sufficient for simple tasks. For avid DIY enthusiasts, we recommend a somewhat higher-quality bench drill press from Bosch or Einhell with 350 to 500 watts. The Bosch Home series with the PBD series offers itself because it does not always have to be the Bosch blue series. A column drilling machine from Flott creates 700 watts but is somewhat oversized for drilling carpet edges and wooden boards.

  1. For which applications is the drill press, i.e., which materials can be machined?

As already mentioned, a drill press is particularly suitable for smaller but accurate drilling operations. With a high-quality table drill press, you can easily process both wood and metal.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

Before choosing one of our Drill press Comparison Testers, we would like to introduce you to the best known and most important manufacturers.


Already in 1915, the Japanese manufacturer Makita Corporation was founded, based in Anjo / Aichi. Makita has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power tools, gasoline and more power garden tools and compressed air appliances. Makita is also present in woodworking. The Group not only has branch offices in Japan, but also in Germany, China, the USA, Canada, and Romania. Makita drilling machines are high- performance tools for professional users. In blue or red offered housing drills there with and without impact. Even so-called drilling hammer offers Makita. Interestingly, in addition to great accessories, most machines in a solid metal or plastic storage are provided. We can also find backpacked drilling machines at Makita. In general, these devices have a strong processing quality and long-running performance. Makita drilling machines are in the low to high price segment.


Already in the year 1924, the German Metabo AG was established with seat in Nürtingen in Baden- Wuerttemberg. The company is considered the inventor of the electric drill. Albrecht Schnitzler developed the first-hand drill and led out of the metal Bohrdreher the company name metabolites from. Today Metabo produces a variety of useful electrical tools for home and artisans. Metabo drilling machines are available in many designs. Great popularity enjoyed the so-called impact drills, with which we in stone walls comfortable holes to drill. In addition to network-bound drilling machines, Metabo also produces battery-powered models. The great rechargeable drill bits are also available with a stroke. In general, these drilling machines are characterized by a high processing quality. Both the entry area and the professional area are covered by appropriate, powerful tools. In addition to simple handling and a quick-action chuck, you can also access a comprehensive range of accessories at Metabo. Overall, Metabo drilling machines are in the mid to high price segment.


1886 founded Robert Bosch GmbH, based in Gerlingen is one of the largest German automotive suppliers and a leader in the packaging industry. Bosch Power Tools now service the Power Tools division. Here we find almost all known electrical tools for home and artisans. It is particularly interesting that Bosch has two product series. While the tools are designed in blue housing color for the profile, the models with green housing belong to the DIY series. The new Bosch drills are in these two categories divided. Most Bosch drilling machines are also available as impact drills. If this is not required for finer drilling operations, the impact function can be switched off without any problem. The devices have a shock-resistant and ergonomic housing and are offered in several performance classes. The advantage is that Bosch offers a broad range of accessories for its power tools. For maximum performance, we should also consider the drill bits from Bosch use. The drilling machines are also equipped with a new quick release fastener. In contrast to some other manufacturers, we usually get a possible storage case when buying a Bosch drilling machine.


Originally the Skil Corporation was founded in 1924 in the United States. Skil became known as the first electric hand circular saw. Since 1996 the company belongs to Robert Bosch GmbH. Skil produces a broad range of electrical tools, including drilling machines. Throughout, the drilling machines from Skil can convince with an excellent processing quality. They are aimed primarily at hobby craftsmen. Although these devices are offered with shock and even battery powered, you do not reach that of professionals required performance. For traditional home improvement tasks, however, they are an attractive alternative. These machines are corded and corded. We also find here more potent impact drilling machines. The drilling machines from Skil, mainly offered with a black housing, are located in the lower price segment.

Black & Decker:

Behind the label, Black + Decker hides the American Stanley Black & Decker Corporation with a new seat in New Britain. The 1843 founded company operates since 1958 in Germany, the Black & Decker GmbH. In addition to hand-held circular saws, high-quality drilling machines are also produced. Today’s Black + Decker drilling machines are presented in red housing color. There are corded and battery-driven drills as well as models with and without impact. In general, these devices have a strong processing quality and long-running performance. Black + Decker drilling machines are usually supplied with a practical plastic storage box. The manufacturer also offers a broad range of accessories. All in all, these drills are in the low to medium price segment.


The German company Einhell Germany AG, based in Landau, a der Isar, was founded in 1964. The company produces a wide variety of power tools, as well as garden and leisure products. Einhell offers its drilling machines in the housing colors blue and red. These are solidly processed devices with a high running performance. Most drills are with switchable impact provided. So we can also put our dowels in concrete. Einhell produces both network-operated and battery powered drilling machines. Unfortunately, the motors of these drills do not approach the top favorites. Nevertheless, these can be a good alternative for regular household use. It is important that Einhell is not a low-cost provider, even if most drilling machines are located in the lower price segment. There is also some professional equipment with great accessories and plastic case.

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