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10 Best Beginner Longboard Review with Buying Guide 2017 [October]

Want to buy the best beginner longboard? Our guide offers tips to help you make the right decision

Best Beginner Longboard is a question for every longboard rider. Let’s start your longboard buying guide by defining what is longboard. A longboard is an incredible tool to move and to play a sport. If you are new, you can be a little tricky to choose your longboard. Here we make things easy. We test and analyze the characteristics of each longboard. We choose the best beginner longboard. Then you recommend them depending on your needs with comprehensive and detailed comparative analysis. We compare all types of longboards, classifying all its standard procedures: cruising, carving, freeride, downhill, freestyle or sliding. Also, we also compared the prices of each longboard in the primary distributors and taking you to them. To know more about longboard you can read here.


10 Best Beginner Longboard


Products Name

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Quest Super Cruiser Longboard


Atom Pintail Longboard


Atom Drop-Through Longboard


Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down


Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder


Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail


Maxfind Electric Longboard


Santa Cruz Lion God


Atom Drop Deck Longboard


Penny Classic Complete Skateboard


10 Best Beginner Longboard Review


If you want to buy the best beginner longboard at a low price and do not know which to choose. Do not worry, after analyzing many, many longboards, we will give you the best options for you to choose well. It is true that there are several brands, types, and prices. It is normal to find a real ‘bargain,’ the best beginner longboard with prices ‘lying.’ Always the best longboards cost more. If there is a shop which sells longboard, that will tell you the same. However, do not despair, there are alternatives which are very attractive. Besides, it is even advisable if you want your first longboard, choose a simple one. You can learn much faster and see immediately what you are going to use in the table. We have built a list with the most comprehensive in the world. Each of them tells you: why you should buy it or not (depending on your preferences), their strengths and weak points and its main feature. Yes, always with what we all want: the best value for money.


1. Quest super cruiser review – Best Cruiser Longboard


  • Dimension: Long 44″, Wide 10″ & High 5.5″ with the weight of 10 pounds.
  • The Deck is made of  Maple 5 Ply super-flex artisan hardwood and bamboo.
  • 7 inches of durable and lightweight aluminum trucks.
  • Comes with 7-inch aluminum modified kingpin.
  • Wide deck is 10 Inches.
  • Wheel hardness is 80A.
  • Has an excellent design with artisan bamboo.
  • The wheel is made of 70x51mm Polyurethane.
  • Includes accuracy ABEC 5 bearings with vibrant 4mm risers.
  • Perfect for cruising.


  • Get all the pleasant at a Low cost.
  • It has an excellent durability.
  • It ensures a smooth ride.
  • The trucks are very much well-built.
  • Provides a real control over any rough surface.
  • The simple look with artisan bamboo deck.
  • Aesthetics.


  • Not able to utilize in full range.
  • Trucks may seem dark.
  • Few people suggest the bearings.

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2. Atom Pintail Longboard Review- Best Pintail Longboard


  • Dimension: Long 39.0″, Wide 9.4″, High 6″  and Weight of 7.3 Pounds.
  • Drop-through deck is 39-inch.
  • Its classic deck shape longboard supports to bypass wheel bite.
  • It has an ABEC 5 bearings of 22-millimeter.
  • It has PHT graphic element.
  • It is easy to control because of its 39 inches long board.
  • Includes 0.375-inch chromos kingpins.
  • It has Polycarbonate hubs.
  • It has 65mm, 78A urethane wheels that make it very quick.
  • It has a 90A-HR postponement.
  • It has a grip tape with a logo for additional style.


  • The Skateboard has a compact structure with a beautiful graphic.
  • Guaranteed for a smooth and most enjoyable ride.
  • The longboard looks great.
  • The board is very fast and suitable for the newcomer, ordinary and expert riders.
  • Ready and quick cruising.
  • Suitable price and safe to practice.
  • The trucks give you the stability you want when cruising at acceleration and changing corners.
  • Extremely Manoeuvrable.


  • This board becomes very dizzy at high speed, and it can be dangerous if you do not use protective gear.
  • This board is presented to vigorous activities.

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3. Atom drop through longboard review – Best Longboards for Beginners


  • Dimensions: High 4 inches, Wide 10.6 inches, and Long 41.7 inches.
  • The deck is created by full maple cover and boasts an excellent design.
  • Extra Durability in downhill boarding.
  • High-quality 80S grip tape.
  • Wide-Lip 70x51mm high rebound (SHR) urethane wheels.
  • ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubricant.
  • Modify King Pin (RKP) trucks (245mm axles).
  • Elements: Wood, aluminum, urethane.
  • Model: 91047.


  • The design reduces all possibility of wheel bite.
  • It includes the conventional Abec 9 bearings.
  • Comfort and stable.
  • Looks cool (I get many compliments on it).
  • Well-Formed, unlike pintails, it does not matter which side is forward.
  • Perfect for cruising.


  • Use oil on the trucks to avoid squeaking vibrations if it performs when turning.
  • Although the drop deck configuration gives more stability, it may take away from the turning range (less leverage)
  • With its attractive design, it may not look exceptional to you. However, the performance of the board will carry up the whole things.

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4. Yocaher professional speed drop down review – Best Downhill Longboard


  • Dimension: Long 41.25″, Wide 9″, High 5″, and Weight 8.2 Pounds.
  • It has ABEC 7 chrome bearings.
  • Includes heavy-duty trucks HD7
  • Includes a hanger of 180 millimeter
  • It is 41.25 inches long, so it is easy enough to control.
  • It has 9-ply maple
  • It has 70 x 52 mm rings of 78A hardness level that make it very fast.
  • It has a black grip tape of premium grade 80A.
  • It has fully constructed
  • It is perfect for expert Longboard riders.


  • The Longboard has a compact & a stable structure with the excellent graphic.
  • Assure a high level of security, particularly for downhill.
  • The Longboard is created for high speed.
  • The Longboard is very durable and ideal for intermediate and expert riders.
  • Available in wide range of colors.
  • Low cost and safe to high-speed riding.
  • Provide high durability.
  • Bidirectional structure for easy switching.
  • It has an excellent turning radius.
  • It is entirely constructed.


  • This Longboard is combined with stiff bearings
  • This board is required to be slowed down while turning.
  • Due to the stable structure, it has less flex.

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5. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder review – Best Sector 9 Longboard


  • Dimension: Long 36.0″, Wide 9.0″, and High 26.375″.
  • It is dropped through the deck.
  • The board is built with eight plies cold-pressed maple, and it makes it adamant, and it can prevent any kinds of barriers to it.
  • It has five bearings.
  • The trucks of this board will allow you to attain the speed that ‘s hard to reach with the other common kinds of Longboards.
  • Because of its 36 inches long, it is easy enough to control.
  • It has a cut out that ensures minimum friction of wheels.
  • It has an extended deck that allows you to cruise by providing better stability.
  • Includes 69mm-78a slalom wheel that makes it very fast.
  • It has high speed as well as excellent sliding capability.
  • It has included triple eight brainwaves rubber helmet and eight sliders downhill glove


  • The Longboard has a compact design with a beautiful graphic.
  • Its flat aerodynamic structure is suitable for smooth carving at high speed
  • It can carve on a dime
  • The board is very fast and suitable for expert riders
  • With Pumping, you will be capable of going for a long ride
  • Has sidewinder trucks that will enable you to turn very durable than standard types of trucks


  • These boards are very quick and ready, so they are not proper for beginners
  • Sidewinder trucks consist of a double-edged sword that is hazardous for bombardment
  • Larger wheels are needed to provide ample pressure

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6. Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Review- Best Cheap Longboard

  • Dimension: Long 40″, Wide 9″, and Weight of 7.1 Pounds.
  • It has an attractive, simple deck
  • It has ABEC 7 chrome bearings.
  • It has large duty trucks HD7, Aluminium alloy.
  • It has a holder of 180 millimeters.
  • It is sufficiently easy to control because it is 40 inches long,
  • It has 9-ply maple deck
  • It has 70 x 52 mm rings Q-ball of 78A hardness level that performs very quick.
  • It has a black grip tape of grade 80A.
  • It has fully constructed
  • It is ideal for beginner Longboard riders.


  • The Longboard has a contract & a stable structure with good aesthetics.
  • Ensure a high level of safety, especially for downhill.
  • The Longboard is very quick and perfect for intermediate and professional riders.
  • Available in wide array of colors.
  • Low cost and reliable to fast riding.
  • Provide high stability and durability.
  • It is entirely constructed.
  • Specially made for beginners.
  • Has medium flex


  • This Longboard includes stiff bearings
  • This board is required to be slowed down while turning.
  • No concave curvature.

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7. Maxfind electric longboard review – Best Electric Longboard

  • Dimension: Long 38.8″, Wide 5.2″, and Weight of 12.1 Pounds.
  • It’s waterproof
  • Charge Time 60 mins
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Max speed: 28km/h(17mph)
  • Max Mileage : < 16Km /10mile


  • It is light weight
  • It is quick
  • It charges rapidly
  • Reasonable price
  • It is smooth to ride and turns quickly
  • Fast training curve


  • The board is quite faster which may not be comfortable for a beginner

8. Santa Cruz lion god longboard review – Best Freeride Longboard

  • Dimensions: 40” in length and 10” in width.This provides it the ideal size for a beginners longboard.
  • The artwork on the board is metal ink and looks fabulous in person. Unquestionably the USP of this board.
  • It has got bigger wheels than most Longboard that make it ideal for cruising around town.
  • It has got a puny 2” as nose and tail each.This delivers it challenging to do any performances on.
  • The wheel base is a great 31,” and the design is Drop Thru, which performs this board close to the ground and very stable.
  • Due to the security, unique Santa Cruz Trucks and the larger wheels, it is very easy to achieve high speeds on this board.
  • Showing at a small 7 pounds, this board is very lightweight and easy to carry or store when you are not riding this.
  • The Black Santa Cruz grip tape supports in achieving good footing on the deck.


  • The Rasta Lion God graphic art is impeccably gorgeous.
  • The board has surprisingly larger wheels for its value.
  • The wheels are soft and give the best grip at great speeds.
  • Offered the price, it is a good board to perform downhill.


  • The bearings will require being replaced if you want maximum performance.
  • Not everybody is going to be satisfied with the form quality of the board as there are some excellent boards for this price.
  • It is limited you can do on this longboard concerning methods.

9. Atom drop deck longboard review – Best Drop Deck Longboard



  • Dimension: Long 41″, Wide 9.6″ & 4.7″ High with 10 pounds of Weight.
  • Comes with 41″ Drop Deck Longboard
  • Used Elements are Wood, Aluminium, and Urethane.
  • The deck is entirely maple covered.
  • It has ABEC 5 bearings with high-speed oil.
  • The 9.6-inch wide deck provides you more balance.
  • It has Reverse King Pin Longboard trucks of 245mm pins.
  • Begins with High-Quality 80S grip tape.
  • It has 70×51 Wide-lip super high bounce urethane wheels.
  • It is perfect for those who favor Downhill.
  • It has a grip tape with Sector 9 logo for combined style.


  • The Skateboard has a design with a beautiful graphic.
  • It will give you high security.
  • The bearings are high.
  • The board is easy with all level of performance.
  • Especially approved for downhill and cruising.
  • It has regular top mount trucks will enable you to curve faster.
  • Highly Maneuverable.


  • The wheels of this longboard may look soft to you.
  • Only sufficient grip tape.
  • Withdraw too much sliding as it may give the spot on your wheels.

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10. Penny Classic Complete Skateboard Review- Best Longboard for the Money

  • Dimension: The 22-inch deck becomes in vicious candy shades that every girl loves.
  • 3.125-inch Penny skateboards trucks with 356 cast aluminum powder-coat.
  • It has 59mm Penny wheels with 83A hardness level.
  • It has ABEC7 Penny bearings.
  • It is intended for students, girls, skate lovers.


  • Sturdy frame with an attractive look.
  • Lightweight, but maintains up to 250 pounds.
  • Easy-to-carry and store.
  • Grippe big wheels with big trucks – flat to ride.
  • Ideal for commuting, even long range rides.
  • Available in lively color sequences.
  • Apt for commuting and all skating techniques.


  • Some recommend replacing the bearings.
  • Not perfect for playing tricks.

10 Best Beginner Longboard Buying Guide



Time to skate there is nothing more important than choosing the appropriate shape for you, and it will show the main differences between the sizes below!

Choosing Shape Size

Choosing the ideal shape is important for the following reasons:

1. Each shape is suitable for a different type of maneuver.

2. Each person needs a specific shape size for their height.

3. Each shape serves a different purpose, so there are so many different types.

If you are thinking of buying a skateboard, the first thing you have to analyze is what kind of mode you want to practice. Freestyle, Street, Vertical or Downhill – Each of the skate modes requires a particular shape. You should pay attention to the width and size of your shape: the wider, the greater its stability, but the weight is larger and the ease of performing street maneuvers decreases.

Shape thin or large longboard? It depends!

Elegant shapes facilitate performing maneuvers involving flips and are lighter and easier to play higher ollies maneuvers in boxes and pipes.

Full forms promote walking in half pipes, bowls and mini ramps, as these tracks movements turn more quickly, without that we need to do a lot of strength, since the speed achieved is great, and the ramp helps to play you up.

You also need to pay attention to your height because taller people should use longer shapes so that their feet have enough space to perform the maneuvers. If you are shorter, look for a shorter way.

Summing up

The skate shapes have many different widths, if you are new to skateboarding, choose your way according to the width, not the length or wheelbase. The width you need depends on your size, style of walking and personal preference.
The Monster sports Skateshop separated some general guidelines, not rules, just a help for you to choose your new shape.

HeightShape Size
Above 1,15mheightSmall: Shape up to 7 “( 17.8cm ) – Recommended for children 6-8 years old with 1.15 to 1,32m great, calm tennis between 32 and 36.
Above 1,34m highMedium: Shape up to 7.3 “( 18.5 cm ) – Recommended for children 9 to 12 years old with 1.34 to 1.57 tall, calm tennis between 37 and 40.
Over 1.60 min heightLarge Size: Shape 7.5 “( 19,5cm or higher ) – Recommended for people from 13 years or taller than 1.60m, tennis shoes 41 or higher.
7.5 to 8″Shape pattern for adult skateboarders who walk the streets and perform technical maneuvers.
8 to 8.25″For ramps, pools and parks.
8.25″or greaterVertical skateboarding, swimming pools, cruising and Old School.


Common Types of Shapes for Longboard

No doubt Skate mode that has more pieces of variations is Longboard because it is possible to make from a simple leisurely stroll in a park or down a slope of more than 100km/h. For each segmentation Longboard, we have a different kind of shape, we know a little of each:


Walk, without worrying about maneuvers, slides or anything. In this type of Longboard is recommended to use a Shape Pintail style, those very long ( about 42 “long ) that resemble a surfboard. These shapes are comfortable, and you can even risk a Longboard Dancing with him.

There are also lovers of mini cruises, miniature skates that fit even in a backpack, but they run a lot and are fun guaranteed for any Skate fan! Remember to use soft wheels as they help your roll to flow more smoothly and without straining too much.

Downhill Slide

A modality that has excelled on the national scene, the Downhill Slide is to go down the slope at high or moderate speeds and skidding with the Skate, either with hands on the floor, only with his feet and has crazy out there that gives Slides up with Head on the floor!
For Slides, you can use a non-nose and tail shape, with slightly concave sides, as this will help you force the Skate to make the turns and make the Slides.
Some athletes do not get along with these shapes and prefer to use Old School Skates to make Slides; this varies from athlete to athlete, so you will have to find out what is easier and more comfortable for you.
Wheels for Slides should be tougher as well skid more easily, then pick up of 85A and rounded corners.The harder it gets, the easier it slides.

Freestyle or Street

A mixture of Street Skateboard and Longboard, are great shapes but with tail and nose to help perform some maneuvers, manuals (walk only with the front wheels or rear ) and dancing. 
Use soft wheels, between 77 and 84A.


Dancing with the Skate, in this style people, go walking and changing the front foot from the back, turning the body aside, walking on his back and invented movements always during the course.
This is a breathtaking style and not so easy to practice at first; it is very common to see in parks and squares all over the world. Most common to be practiced in Europe and Central America.
It can be practiced with soft wheels and large shapes, as you will need space to do your choreography.

Downhill Speed

The name says it all, run a lot is the focus of this type, where there are athletes who have reached 120km/ h during the world championships.
In Speed you need to have as much stability as possible, so athletes usually use lowered shapes and screw the base of the trucks over the shape, so that the center of gravity is as low as possible.
Tail and nose are unnecessary in this mode, and soft wheels literally stick to the ground, and give more speed, but the very soft ones can hinder in a more closed curve, so a medium hardness may be ideal for those who are starting now.
Helmet and safety equipment are indispensable even for the most experienced athletes


Old style that is down today, where the athlete goes down a slope not so steep, and you have to avoid obstacles (usually cones). Win those who make the journey in the shortest time possible (and dropping fewer cones).


The sandpaper to Skate or Griptape ( in English ) serves to fix the feet of the skater in Shape. It is sold in rolls of about 80 to 90cm ( depends on the mark ) and is self-adhesive. Although they are very similar, many of them have differences, even if small. Who will decide which one is the best you are, after a while, of course.

Among the differences between the manufacturers, are the rubbery sandpaper ( more water resistant ), those with micropores (small holes that do not allow the formation of air bubbles, leaving the sanding peel), colored or printed, and transparent (these are widely used in longboards ) that has only the aesthetic differential.


Trucks are the skate axles, the part where wheels, bearings, and bumpers that soften the impacts of a maneuver or jump know more shortly below!

The Skate Truck

The truck is nothing more than the skateboard axle, which is fixed in shape, which fit the wheels and bearings. As it is set to a “T” shaped piece, usually of forged steel. The “T” is attached to the base of the truck, usually made of the same material. In the taste ends are nuts that secure the wheel on the shaft, the base having from 4 to 6 holes ( some trucks are made to fit in different shapes, for example, the Cruiser ) to maintain attached to the vehicle form.

The truck has a central bolt that joins the base with the “T,” in this fixation, there are an upper shock absorber and a lower one that guarantees the absorption of impacts and the flexibility to help the skater to execute the curves in his route. It takes 2 Trucks to compose a skateboard, to buy their vehicles in Shop Skate the Monter Sports you always get the pair, i.e., 2 Trucks to ride your skateboard.

How to choose the ideal truck size:

The size of the truck is indicated by the scale of the shape, or the Shape of the size you wear is who will set the perfect size truck that will choose.

Size is definite in millimeters ( in Brazil ), or inches ( other countries), and the boss is the width of the measure of the “T” disregarding the extent of waste.

As it is the name given to the centerpiece of the Truck, which has a thread at both ends and is responsible for holding and fastening the wheels and bearings with the aid of pressure nuts.

Check out the most common sizes list in Skate Trucks:

  1. 129mm for shapes from 7 “to 7.75
  2. 133mm for shapes from 7.5 “to 7.81
  3. 136mm for shapes of 7.75 “8
  4. 139mm for shapes 7.75 “to 25.08
  5. 146mm for shapes 8 “8.5
  6. 149mm for shapes from 8.125 “to 8.75
  7. 160, 180 and 200mm for Longboards

Truck height

The trucks have small variations in height whenever different is indicated in the product description.The height can be set by the skater preference.

Low: Provides more stabilitate to flip maneuvers. Preferable for small wheels ( 49 – 52mm ).
Average: Good for any sport both as a street skatepark. Superior for medium wheels ( 53 – 56mm ).
High: ideal for those who like to walk with a looser truck (smooth cornering but loses stability). A taller vehicle avoids touching the wheel in the shape when effecting the curves.

Trucks for Longboard

Trucks for Longboard stand out for being much wider than conventional vehicles. They also have two different types of format: Normal and Inverted.

The standard ones are the same as the norm Skate trucks, but they only have a larger beam, while the inverted ones have their beam and set of shock absorbers turned upside down, which makes the Skate more stable at high speeds and also facilitates the realization of curves. That they have a greater facility to turn to left and right.

Other components of the Truck

Also known as Skate Hardware , are complementary parts that time or another need special attention, check out:

Shock absorbers and dummies

The bumpers and pacifiers have two primary functions:

1 – Assist in damping shock and vibration when performing a maneuver.

2 – Allow the “T” of the Truck to turn left and right, so that the Skater can control the Skate.

Bumpers have the hardness ranging from 85 to 100A ( explain on hardness below, in the part that spoke wheels ), where 85 is softer, and 100 is harder. There are athletes ( especially in the Longboard) that combine hardness to achieve better performance, but it varies much of what the athlete is used, there are people who like the truck with softer dampers, and others like him harder. You will only obtain out when you are learning to walk.

Photo of a set of barrel type dampers for Skate and Longboard Dampers have two different formats: Barrel and Conical.
In the damper barrel shape, the ends of the damper which are located at the bottom of the assembly are flat, which makes the truck becomes more stable but slightly harder. This is currently the most used. In the damper in conical former, both parts of the set are the same, making the truck a little unstable, but easier enough time to make turns.

Already pacifiers are equal parts, leaving the rear of the vehicle (between the “T” and the base ).

Remember that when you buy a damper on the game Monster, always get four dampers ( inferior and two above ) and four washers ( 2 lower and two above ), and when buying pacifiers, they come from 2 per pack. Some brands sell more than two.

Central Screw

The central screw is responsible for establishing and “T” with the core truck with the set of buffers. Stalemate there are two models available, with hex lock and another with toothed lock ( looks like a gear).

Some brands produce their types of bolts, some with Allen wrench tightening or combined with wrench and Allen. This may be somewhat disadvantageous because if the dust screw ( lose the screw tightening) or break, it becomes harder to find comparable.

Base Screw

Base screws, as the name suggests, are responsible for fixing the trucks in the shape skateboard, they are made of special steel and have pressure nuts in size 8 mm or 10 mm, where the 10mm is best to tighten and secure so more operating bases in shape.
In the finished part, the screws sink into the wood, providing better fixation and not disturbing the athlete’s feet in performing maneuvers. The bolts are currently found in the market with grip through Allen key or Phillips. Both are good; it is up to the athlete to choose between one and the other.
With time and the constant exchange of Shapes, the screws can bend a little ( after all, the impact of Skate is adamant ) or even dust; it is necessary to change them from time to time.
Remember never to buy these screws in hardware, buy the specific ones for Skate. They always come in sets of eight bolts and eight pressure nuts, and most brands ship together with an Allen wrench.

Nuts and washers

To lock the wheels and bearings in trucks, the use of pressure and nuts (must preferably ) washers. Nuts by default always come along with the Trucks, but over time it is always interesting to change them, because over time they will wear out with the beats and end up getting harder to tighten and drop, not to mention that they wear out The tips of the truck. Keeping the Truck Nuts always in good condition helps with both wheel and bearing replacement and Trucks maintenance.


If your wheels are picking up the shape when making a turn or maneuver, we recommend using a pair of pads. Pads are pieces of plastic or rubber material, their use is optional and will depend on the preference of the athlete. They have two primary functions:

1 – Leave the Skate higher, so the wheels do not touch the Shape.
2 – Minimize the impact of the Shape and the base of the Truck when performing a maneuver.

There are many Pad and sizes, ranging from 2mm to 15mm thick ( or more ).


Choosing the right wheel for your skateboard will in many ways influence your roll, including your speed, your balance and your ability to control your movements. Here are some tips to help you choose the best model possible.

Skate Wheels

The wheel of choice is a key factor in the configuration of your skateboard, so use this guide to help you reduce your questions and decide solidly what is best for your reality.


Almost all Skate wheels are made of a synthetic material called polyurethane (PU). The introduction of PU wheels occurred in the 1970s and changed the way of riding Skate, characteristics such as durability and abrasion resistance lacked at the time, where the sport was in great need of a more appropriate technology, since at that time One of the materials used on the wheels was metal, something unacceptable these days! In addition to their performance benefits, PU wheels are also relatively cheaper to manufacture, so you do not have to adjust a lot to get a quality product, after all, they last a long time and changing them will be something you will do very often.


All wheels are manufactured and specified from their hardness; hardness ratings have several categories, commonly you will find in most shops wheels with the acronym “An” after the rating number. Common variations range from 75A to 99A, but it is possible to find wheels up to 102A (Pigs are an example).

There are more demanding skaters and few manufacturers that cater to this small slice of the market, making wheels with different hardnesses and with a finished classification in B, C or D, but you will hardly find these products in Brazil and, moreover, do not need this.

Table of hardness

Vertical (Bowl, Half, Mini Ramps, pools, etc.): 97A or higher.

Street (streets, sidewalks, asphalt, etc.): 97A and more top (if you walk only on the road, 97A is useful because it is softer and will run more because if you walk on cement tracks/granite, choose the hardest with 99 to 102A).

If you do a little of each: between 90A and 97A, where 90 is very soft and the 97 hardest, see what kind of ground you walk more.

Cruiser or Longboard: If you are just surfing the asphalt, without Show or something, choose soft wheels from 75A to 85A (78A is right) they help dampen vibrations, and vibrations of a road will run enough!

Slides: The more delicate, the wheel sticks to the ground, then to give slides indicate wheels above 80A (83 or 85 are a good).


The diameter or dimension of your wheels affects the maximum acceleration speed of your skateboard, along with its stability. Skate wheels are measured in millimeters and usually, range in size from 49 to 75mm (there are larger from 80 to 85mm as well). Larger wheels will give you a faster ride because a single spin will cover a greater distance. Small wheels are also more capable of performing street maneuvers.

Diameter table

49mm to 59mm – Wheels for standard Skateboard street lanes, bows, and half pipes. Up to 60mm – Wheels for those who walk Longboard (Speed, Slide, etc.) and Old School. These wheels work well on rough surfaces and run hard.


Discover here wanted the differences between the ABEC standard and the Skate Rated.

How to choose the best bearing

For trucks of up to 180mm all skateboard bearings are the same size, so you do not have to worry to buy them. If your truck has 200mm, you will need a special 10mm bearing because the 200mm semi chisel is thicker than the others to be sturdier.

Regarding the speed of your bearing, pay attention to the ABEC classification, as it denotes the quality of the materials and precision used in the bearing manufacturing.Bearings of a higher rating are of more top quality.

Although they do not vary in size, they vary in quality. The rule of thumb tends to be: the more expensive, the higher the quality. When you choose to buy low-cost bearings, they tend to be made with cheaper materials.The most expensive skateboard bearings are made with better sealing and top quality metal beads.There are also bearings of different materials ( steel, ceramics, bone, etc.)

ABEC classification on bearings

Most bearings are rated ABEC grade. preciseThe higher the ABEC rating, the more accurate and reliable the bearing will be. This grading system includes notes 1,3,5,7,9 and 11. The closer you get to an ABEC 11 rating, the less friction and the faster the bearing will be.

One of the problems of the ABEC classification is that this is an industrial classification, used for machine bearings, gears, and other products. The bearings were created long before they thought of inventing the Skate, and it was only used on the Skate long afterward. For what the Skate is intended, some manufacturers of sinning in quality, and for this, the serious companies have decided to invest in technology dedicated specifically to Skate, which is the case of the Giant Bones.

Bearings Bones Reds

Many companies do not practice the ABEC rating scale, such as Bones. Bones Bearings use their classification system known as ” Bones Skate Rated.” These bearings are superior to those of ABEC rating, as it ignores many quality factors that Bearings Bones are proud to have.

Bones bearings feature high-strength steel body and balls with nylon side protectors, are super lubricated and pass a battery of performance and speed tests.

Bones, among other products, has been producing bearings since 1983 and is currently the preferred choice of amateur and professional athletes because of its competitive price and strength.

A Bones Bearings game if stored correctly ( with periodic cleaning and lubrication can last for more than one year.


Spacers bearings are small cylindrical parts and castings that fit between the skateboard bearings inside the wheel.

They are required so that the sides of the bearing do not touch the wheel hub, and also to lock the bearing cylinder so that it does not rotate, allowing only the waits and the ring to turn.
For better performance, it is also advised to use washers at the outer ends of the bearing, as we say little in the part of integral parts of the trucks.
Some brands already send spacers together with the bearing assembly, but if you need to have lost or some other reason.


To carry out the maintenance of your Skate, you will need some tools, let’s talk about them from now on.

Tools for mounting your skateboard

Because it is a sport that generates many impacts, the parts of your skateboard must always be adjusted, and for this, it is necessary to check the tightness of the nuts and the state of the pieces. If the parts are bad, you will have to change them.
The process of tightening or replacing parts is incredibly simple, but you need the specific keys for it.

Start by checking the base bolts because if they are loose, you lose performance while controlling the Skate and your Shape can break with a simple maneuver.
On your plate bolts, you need to tighten the nuts with a # 8 or 10 wrench or starter, this will depend on the set you bought, but always choose to buy those that have ten nuts, they are easier to handle and will Take longer to dust.
On the screw you will need an Allen key or a Philips core, it will also depend on the set you bought.

On wheels or a mouth star wrench # 13 (it is necessary whenever possible choose the star key, as it makes contact with all the nut ends, facilitating the grip ).

When riding Skate, you will constantly want to tighten your shock absorbers until you find the ideal hardness for you to ride as comfortably as possible. To the center screw ( which is responsible for regulating their bumpers ) you need a mouth or star key 14.

An optional item that is always good to have (and handle very carefully) is a stylus because as the shapes tend to wear out faster than other pieces, you will need to change it more often. Along with the Shape will need to buy a sandpaper (or grip tape, as you prefer) and apply it. After using the sandpaper use the stylus to remove the remaining edges.

Combined key

No doubt one of the coolest inventions of the skateboard world was the combined key, with it you can carry in your pocket or backpack a small key that does all the work that all the others that we quoted earlier.

These keys are made of unique, sturdy and lightweight material. If you buy all the keys separately, with the same quality, it is more expensive than buying only the combination key. It is an investment that is worth both financially and practically.

It is worth remembering that you should pay attention to the size of your nuts and check if all the tips of the combined key and check serve before buying them.


Protective equipment

Because it is a Radical Sport, it is essential that the athlete protects himself against possible accidents. Get to know the top safety items for a Skater now.

Types of Protective Equipment


Of all the protective equipment for the practice of Skate, the helmet is undoubtedly the most important item to be used.
The part of the body that is far away from the ground logically is the head, so when an accident occurs, and the athlete falls, it is the one who hits with greater force, which can cause serious injuries and even death.
Skate helmets are usually made of polycarbonate in the outer shell, which is lighter and more resistant than many other materials, and in the inner shell, EPS foam, the same material used inside some motorcycle helmets.
In addition to standard helmets, there are also fully enclosed models employed by Downhill Speed athletes. This helmet has full closure, protecting the chin, sides of the head and is often equipped with a visor for eye protection. Besides protective measures, you must maintain your longboard properly. Longboard maintenance guide will help you to learn how to manage your longboard properly.

Many people have doubts about the ideal helmet size, this is simple to figure out! Simply measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure on the top of your ears.For each measurement, there is a helmet size and remember that over time the foam all of them tend to sag a little, so if your analysis gave 56cm, and the size P (for example) is 55cm, choose it without fear, Because it will serve quietly.

Knee Pads

Another item is crucial for the athlete’s protection is the knee, with a little experience you can minimize the consequences of a fall, as in much of the falls you can use your knees to slide on the floor and not get hurt.

Most of the knee pads are made of polyester and elastoidin to improve comfort. Fixed with the use of velcro and with reinforced polyurethane hull.
Many brands still have the option of using a removable shell, so after you spend it or break it, just-just buy a new pair of shells and replace. This reduces maintenance and generates less waste in the environment.

Elbow pad

Elbow pads are equal the elbow has the same composition, and the only difference is ergonomic, where the hooves and its attachment structure are slightly smaller, to accommodate the athlete blows.
Many do not like to use them claiming discomfort, but we must not forget that hurting the elbow hurts a lot! And another, currently the products for Skate have evolved a lot, where comfort is one of the main focuses of the serious marks when they produce equipment.


Gloves for Skateboarders aims to protect the hands according to the type of sport that he practices.
Today we have various models and sizes available on the market, where the most used are Pata de Vaca, longboard used by athletes either to Downhill Slide or Speed.
Parade Vaca gloves have only three toes, and polyurethane or plastic bushings allow athletes to support their hand on the ground when they make a curve or slide.
There are also half finger gloves, with a cap only in the palm, which, although less safe, is less troubling than the Pata de Vaca.
Another great glove is Wristguard, popularly known as ” wristband .” This glove has a strip of plastic material on the underside of the wrist, protecting the athlete against twisting and other types of trauma in the event of a fall. Very used by beginners and even by some experienced athletes, especially in Vertical Skate.

How to Longboard (Tutorial)

If you are a beginner, then you can read the article easy longboard tricks to know some special tricks.


Best Longboard Brands


Osprey is originally from Devon, England. It was born in 1994 as a surf brand that distributed wetsuits and specialized clothing. In the last decade, the brand has grown considerably expand in other markets such as skateboarding and longboarding, always innovating in technical aspects and using the latest materials. If you come from the world of surfing probably already, you know them.

Quest Boards

Quest is a California brand born in 2007. They usually produce few tables, but they are usually resistant and cheap longboards. That’s why the response of buyers is always excellent. One of the features of its products are the designs: they are very elegant. They have offices in Chile, Germany, the UK, and China.


Funtomia is a German company specializing in the manufacture of longboards and skates. His philosophy is that everyone can have fun regardless of their purchasing power and that is why they are providing very reasonable prices compared to the quality they offer. A brand that surely we will often hear within time.


Globe, founded in 1994 in Australia by Stephen and Peter Hill, is one of the most prestigious brands in the world of skateboarding. The Hill brothers began creating their own products in Melbourne and sold in local markets. Thanks for the high quality of their goods, could create Globe. They have created tables which are well known and appreciated throughout history and among consumers are synonymous with quality and unique products. 

Max fit

The German brand Max fit in products for sport and leisure. They manufactured from longboards, where do an excellent job, to surfboards or bikes for fitness. As this is a brand that has a significant diversification of products, may longboards are not up to technical aspects as brands such as Globe or Sector 9 but provide excellent quality materials and product life. 


Among all the brands it is not specialized in the manufacturing of longboards, skateboards or scooters, Ultrasport makes a very remarkable design and functionality of their work tables. It is a company based in Europe and expansion process. The products made by Ultrasport can remind us to other brands like Max fit, as its midrange tables have similar responses.



We have reached the end of this best beginner longboard guide and hope that it has been of great use to you as a reader and customer of a longboard. We will soon have much more news to improve information sharing.
If you have any questions, please comment below, we will respond with pleasure!

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